Services We Offer

As business consultants, Bottomline Advisors rigorously reviews financial, organizational and operational aspects of each client, and works with the client to identify opportunities for improvement in bottom line financial results. Our engagement with clients starts with a holistic review of their financial and operational performance to identify specific areas of the company where improvements are most likely to result in increases in bottom line financial performance. Once identified, specific improvement programs are implemented to modify behaviors and/or operations to actualize expected results. All programs are implemented with an expectation of measurable performance improvements to demonstrate an appropriate return on investment. Ultimately, it is the expectation of Bottomline Advisors that each client clearly identifies a measurable, positive return on investment with respect to the cost of our services.

  • Corporate culture analysis and development
  • Business analytics, strategy, development and consulting
  • Operations consulting
  • Management consulting
  • Project management programs
  • Quality assurance programs
  • Systems development implementation
  • Customer strategy & marketing development
  • Information technology implementation
  • Mergers, acquisitions and growth plans
  • Logistics & transportation
  • Supply chain analysis
  • Product design
  • Business Process Improvement
  • Project Management
  • Strategic Planning
  • Operational Efficiency Gains
  • Business Growth Strategy
  • Financial Modeling
  • Benchmarking & Metric Driven (KPI's)
  • Net Income Growth Strategy
  • Profitability Goals
  • Value Based Services

We are an extension of your staff

Bottomline Advisors consults companies with the projects that are outside the bandwidth of their current organization. We bring a mix of professionals to your project to provide the skills necessary to get the job done. BA is a full-service business consulting firm which provides customized solutions by bringing a specific skill set on demand when and where it is needed. This allows continued growth and success without the expense of hiring full-time personnel.